About us

The company was founded in 1999, our portfolio - weekly "SAVAITE" (in English mean "The Week") and two-weeks "Namie ir sode" (At Home and Garden), and publications outgoing once a year: „Herbal secrets“, „Preserves myself“, „Sowing by the moon“, „Horoscopes and insights“.

Over 17 years of experience in publishing, characterized by constant growth. We have brought together a professional staff: journalists, editors, language editors, designers, layout editors, managers, advertising specialists.

We can boast of letting the most popular magazine in Lithuania "SAVAITE". Its circulation, sales and readership audience (according to TNS LT data) is the largest in Lithuania.

Permanent readership consists of 439 900 readers (16% of Lithuania's population). In all categories of age, gender, income or regional magazine are among the leading positions.

The magazine "NAMIE ir SODE" is a leader in its category (writing about gardening, country life, mansions, gardens, homes or nature) in Lithuania. The latest figures show it has 74 100 average readership audience.

Advertising in magazine „SAVAITĖ“
• the top magazine in Lithuania by average circulation and sales, with circulation of 203.500
• the top magazine in Lithuania by audience, with audience exceeding 439.900 readers
• read each day of the week and including an exhaustive TV programme, comprehensive and diversified articles, tips and entertainment sections;
• printed in colour;
• With experience of more than 17 years, well-known and constantly growing;

UAB “Savaitė”, Laisvės pr. 60, 9a, LT-05120 Vilnius, +370 5 2410098, e-mail: reklama@savaite.lt, www.savaite.lt